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1988 Cadillac Brougham


39k miles


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 You are viewing a 1988 Cadillac Brougham with only 39k miles since new. This highly collectable body style is one of the most beautifully proportioned full sized Cadillacs ever made and is in mind boggling condition. This Cadillac has had a very easy life, always in a climate controlled garage and pampered with obsessive maintenance. It is unbelievable the amount of attention this Brougham gets every time it is taken out of the garage.


This body style serves as the pinnacle of 1980s Cadillac design and has a very striking color scheme of Cotillion White with gray leather interior. Cadillac aficionados are snapping up the best examples for their collections.  From a design standpoint, this was GM at it's finest hour. These Cadillacs were the last of a classic style era which will never be produced again.




 I've been a cadillac collector for the past 20+ years and have had the pleasure of owning some of the best specimens around. This particular example is hands down the best full size 80's Brougham I have ever had. It's mint in every way and is still sitting on it's original Uniroyal Royal Seal tires still filled with factory air. It simply doesn't get any better than this.


1989 Cadillac Brougham, Cotillian White with Dark Blue Leather interior.

This Brougham is no barn find. It has spent almost it's entire time being collector owned and has always been garage kept and covered. Everything is so fresh and tight that the driver and passengers are transported to another time. This Cadillac is something to behold.

Nothing quite like a white Brougham of this era. Not only one of the best resale colors, the white paint gives the car a very classic traditional look and really sets off all of the chrome. 

Rub strips are like new with no scrapes. Lenses are perfect. 

This Cadillac has been professionally detailed and could be put directly into a car show as it sits.


The chrome on this Cadillac is near perfect with no pitting whatsoever.

Class at every angle.


Absolutely pristine

This Cadillac shows even better in person.


I have not noticed a single door ding on this Cadillac. none.

Factory electric antenna works as new

There is a lot of value in having the original Royal Seal tires on this car. Judges love this kind of thing at the car shows and I know collectors that would pay $2,000 plus for these tires alone. Royal Seal tires haven't been made in many years now. Whether on the car or not, this set should always stay with this car.

Rocker panels are just is nice as the rest of the car.

The nautical look of the white and dark blue really sets off this Brougham.



The door jambs and bottoms of the doors are all corrosion free with no rust whatsoever.

leather. perfect.

This car is so fresh. None of the leather seats are worn slick from use. You can still feel the individual graining of the leather on the seats and on the leather wrapped wheel. Amazing.



Bid with confidence, win with high expectations!





  • This Cadillac is being sold with NO RESERVE, so you wont have to deal with the games of wondering what the reserve is or be taunted by a "buy-it-now" price

  • There is no price set here, so don't ask. This beautiful Cadillac will bring what it brings, and the bidders will be able to enjoy a game free auction.

  • As with just about any used vehicle on ebay, this Brougham is being sold as is, with no warrantees expressed or implied.

  • I welcome any bidders that wants to look at this Cadillac in person or have a mechanic come to the location of the Eldorado to inspect/drive BEFORE AUCTION END.

  • Shipping is the responsibility of the buyer.

  • There is a $1,000 deposit due within 48 hours of the close of auction.

  • Balance is to be paid and the Cadillac picked up within 7 days of auction end.

  • I will work with the winning bidder on pickup time as long as it is agreed upon by both parties. This doesn't change the payment terms for this auction.

  • I will be more than happy to pick the winning bidder up at the airport as well.

  • Questions and inspections should take place BEFORE the end of auction.

  • Don't bid if you don't have the $.

  • If a bidder has excessive negative feedback I will delete their bids and block bidder from this auction.

  • This car is in excellent shape and I have described it to the best of my abilities.

  • As with most used cars on eBay, this car is sold with no warrantee expressed or implied


  • Thanks for your interest.

  • Robert Reed 

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