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1991 Cadillac Brougham d' Elegance


5.7 V8


5,800 Original Mile Car


You are viewing a beautiful 1991 Cadillac Brougham d' Elegance with only 5,800 miles and the much preferred 5.7 V8. This was Cadillac's staple body style RWD Fleetwood(Brougham) that hit the pavement in the fall of 1979. This body ran from 1980-1992 with small cosmetic changes along the way. Most significant was in 1990 with new bumpers that wrapped around to the fender well, body side moldings were dropped and new lower sail panel trim was added which greatly added to the graceful body lines of the car. New European headlights, and distinct new "white" tail lights refined the new look while retaining the classic styling of the Brougham. The instrumentation was strictly digital as well. Chrome wrapped center posts encapsulate the luminescent carriage lights and the door edge guards were color matched the color of the car. GM threw everything they had into these final three years of production. Of this 13 year body style run, the 90-92 Brougham was GM at it's finest hour. These Broughams are the most collectable and was the last of a classic style era which will never be produced again.


ÒThe standard power plant in the 90-92 Brougham was the 5.0 V8 which had become standard in 1986 for the Broughams. The 5.0 is reliable, an easy to work on engine however anemic under the weight of the Brougham. The Chevy based 5.7 V8( made it's debut in the late 1960's and was an excellent choice for the 90-92 Broughams. A vast improvement over the 5.0 V8. Very few of the 90-92 Broughams were built with the 5.7 Liter engine due to the government mandated "gas guzzler tax" of $1,300 that was placed on all 5.7's. The 90-92 Broughams with the 5.7 are GOLD in the collector world. To find one with the modernized fuel injected 5.7 V8, with the d' Elegance leather AND with only 5,800 miles is the Holy Grail of Broughams. That brings us to this very special Brougham shown here.



Below is a promotional video for this Brougham





Aside from this Brougham's final assembly in Arlington, TX. in 1991, this Cadillac has never been out of southern California. This special Brougham was purchased new off the showroom floor at Marvin K. Brown Cadillac in San Diego, and has been in San Diego until this year(2011). It now resides under cover in a climate controlled collector garage in Rancho Mirage, CA also in southern California.


This Brougham also advantages from the desired color "Black Sapphire", which was also GM's color of choice in the Brougham Brochure(see below)


Note the "Royal Seal" puncture sealing tires(impossible to find today) and Cadillac wire wheels in the above brochure.


One tell tale sign a Brougham has the 5.7 is the taller stance it has from its beefed up suspension.


Still sitting on it's original Royal Seal tires.










This Cadillac was purchased new by an elderly World War 2 Veteran for his wife. The car had purple heart plates most of it's life. Shortly after purchasing this car the gentleman's wife passed and the car sat all of these years in a climate controlled garage next to his vintage BMW. After the owners passing, the estate transfered and was liquidated by his daughter earlier this year.


The body of this Brougham is laser straight with not a single door ding. The factory paint is near perfection. This is a level one concours condition car.


No rock chips, perfect chrome with no pitting.



No rubs on bumper molding.







So much intricate details were put into these Broughams that haven't been repeated in any Cadillac since. Would cost a fortune today.





The original window sticker for this Cadillac. Notice the $2,372  d' Elegance leather option.


The original owner retained copious records on this Brougham. All Cadillac dealership maintenance records and all DMV files highly document the low miles and all maintenance history. Also included is the original sales contract, the gold key checklist on delivery, all "Protection Plus" warrantee paperwork including his Protection Plus ID card in the original owners name, books on the Royal Seal tires, roadside service and the list goes on. Additionally the three ring binder containing this litany of records also included his flight log from World War 2!  Did I mention the box of greeting cards sent to the owner from Cadillac?






Ahh, the Royal Seal tires filled with factory air.



If you were able to find a used set of these Royal Seal tires you could expect to pay between $2,500 and $3,000 for the set. These haven't been made in years.



The perfect condition of this Cadillac is a site to behold. To see it in person will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.


GM's highest paint process and quality control went into the Corvettes and the Cadillac division.



This Brougham has the dark blue leather d' Elegance interior as illustrated in the Brougham brochure.








The much preferred d' Elegance interior added much more support than the standard interior. Tufted leather with pillow seat backs. Seating surfaces had considerable support. Also with the d' Elegance package you got three grab handles toward the ceiling for easier entry and departure from the interior. Other d' Elegance features were exterior and dash board d' Elegance emblems and embroidered d' Elegance interior door panels.


This interior is a well preserved work of art




The leather is perfect! Not worn slick from use, you can still feel the individual graining of the leather.










The door latches pretty much tells the story about this car's lack of use.



Everything is original except the battery.


Ice cold AC


5.7 V8(350 cu. in.) Throttle body fuel injection


The picture above and below are just about the best on the page for showing why west coast cars are highly preferred over east and midwest cars where salt is applied to the roads. This car has not been undercoated which is a HUGE plus from a car show perspective. Yes thats original exhaust you see. The Cadillac mechanic that was nice enough to let us put the car up on the lift for these photos commented, "You could darn near lick the bottom of this car it is so clean." This Brougham drew a crowd at Jessup Cadillac as word spread it was on a rack. We had drop jawed sales people, management, and other mechanics all inspecting this car in awe.



Factory markings and stickers all over this car. Notice the factory barcode sticker on the underside of the catalytic converter. The 5.7 liter engine goes way deeper than just the motor. The transmission is the HD/Police version of the 700R4. The Differential is the large Corporate 8.5 instead of the puny 7.5 in the 5.0 cars, the suspension is heavy duty, the cooling system is also heavy duty.




This Brougham Has two spare tires. The full size shown that the original owner purchased and also the original space saver doughnut(wagon wheel) spare that came with the car when new. The space saver is wrapped in plastic and stored.




The vinyl top is like the rest of the car. Perfect





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