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1966 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible

80K original Miles



Here's a YouTube clip of this Eldo in action!






The condition of this car has stayed true to the "originality" of a new

Cadillac purchased in 1966. There are no major modifications and the

car presents true to the original brochure/options which only adds to

the provenance of a true collectible Cadillac. I've seen many Cadillac

vehicles out there that have been "modified" or customized with new

"non-stock" parts and they just don't have the same "feel/look" as the true

originals. Not to mention, the value plummets once they're tricked out!



This Eldorado has a new chocolate top. The top frame was also

removed, media blasted and re-finished in a black satin. The power

top works perfectly including the latches that are in great shape.

The padding/headliner is also new. This top also has a new back

glass window.



They made 2,250 examples of the Eldorado in 1966

compared to the 15,000+ DeVille series. The Eldorado also has

unique body-side trim with the stainless trim below which was

not offered on the DeVille. One nice feature on the Eldorado is the

"clean lines" of the body sides. The door bumper guard is mounted

much lower than the DeVille's only enhancing the sharp and clean

look! The Eldorado also had exclusive interior appointments like

the Walnut Wood Door Panels and the specific badges/wreath and

crest emblems and many more options.






The stainless trim around the windshield (in and out)

shines like new. The door sill-plates are also in shiny/gorgeous

condition. The stainless trim around the exterior is also like new.



This Eldorado still has the original perforated "cream" leather interior

and it has been meticulously maintained. The champagne carpeting

is new and the floor mats are also new which include the Cadillac

crests. The door panels also have new matching carpeting. The

exterior color is champagne/gold metallic.




A lot of attention has been focused on the condition of the dash.

The chocolate dashboard is perfect and the metal accents shine

beautifully! The sensor grille on the dash is also perfect. Most of these

sensor grilles have since deteriorated and/or completely crumbled

over the years and they are VERY HARD to find in this condition. The

gauges etc. are all intact (like new) with perfect chrome and the paint

is fantastic throughout the dash/clock/knobs/gauges etc. The original

clock works great and the clock motor has been rebuilt to keep

quartz-accurate time with the "old-school" sweeping hand movement.




This Cadillac has power EVERYTHING! Power seats, windows, vent

windows, door locks, trunk release and top. The vacuum system that

controls the door locks/trunk release has no leaks and works great.

This also has the original (crack-free) tilt steering wheel with the

optional "telescoping" feature which is nice. Btw, the color combination

on this car really turns heads!



This Eldorado has the very rare Bucket Seat option with the included

locking center console. The console is handy (like an extra glove box)

and the latch/locking mechanism is intact. This also has a light inside

and another that shines from the back console grille to help light the floor

for the back passengers while exiting/entering. This is exclusive to

the bucket seat option.


This Eldorado also has the original genuine Walnut Wood Panels on the

doors. This wood was meticulously sanded/stained/restored to like-new

condition and the wood is gorgeous!










The engine bay has been meticulously detailed with newer paint on the

valve covers and more. There is a newer hood pad and many hoses/fittings

were replaced with NOS (New Old Stock) originals. This engine runs

like new and has tons of power! It is very smooth and a ton of money

was invested into the engine/bay.













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