1990 Cadillac Brougham d'Elegance 


5.7 V8




This immaculate 1990 Cadillac Brougham d'Elegance only has 59k original miles and the much preferred 5.7 V8.


This was Cadillac's staple body style RWD Fleetwood(Brougham) that hit the pavement in the fall of 1979. This body ran from 1980-1992 with small cosmetic changes along the way. Most significant was in 1990 with new bumpers that wrapped around to the fender well, body side moldings were dropped and new lower sail panel trim was added which greatly added to the graceful body lines of the car. New European headlights, and distinct new "white" tail lights refined the new look while retaining the classic styling of the Brougham. The instrumentation was strictly digital as well. Chrome wrapped center posts encapsulate the luminescent carriage lights and the door edge guards were color matched the color of the car. GM threw everything they had into these final three years of production. Of this 13 year body style run, the 90-92 Brougham was GM at it's finest hour. These Broughams are the most collectable and was the last of a classic style era which will never be produced again.




.The standard power plant in the 90-92 Brougham was the 5.0 V8 which had become standard in 1986 for the Broughams. The 5.0 is reliable, an easy to work on engine however anemic under the weight of the Brougham. The Chevy based 5.7 V8(350cu.in) made it's debut in the late 1960's and was an excellent choice for the 90-92 Broughams. A vast improvement over the 5.0 V8. Very few of the 90-92 Broughams were built with the modernized fuel injected 5.7 Liter engine due to the government mandated "gas guzzler tax" of $1,300 that was placed on all 5.7's. MPG was rated at 15 in town and 22 on the highway. The 90-92 Broughams with the 5.7 AND with the rare d'Elegance leather interior are GOLD in the collector world. 

1990 Cadillac Brougham d'Elegance 5.7V8

This Cadillac was a one-family owned vehicle until I purchased it last year. I collect Cadillacs exclusively and this 59K mile example drives just as smooth, quiet and tight as the 6k original mile 91 Brougham I own. That is how well these cars were built and how well this one was maintained.

 Finished in Cotillion White with Silver Frost sail panels and accents. 

This Cadillac gets so much attention every time I get it out of the garage. Because of it's classic styling most don't realize this body is as new as a 1990. These Broughams were like buying a new classic car back in 1990.

The brilliant chrome on this caddy is pit free and gorgeous! 

Every option on this Cadillac works perfectly. Even the factory electric antenna goes up and down as expected. Cruise holds steady, windows,seats, locks, factory security, twilight sentinel, ice cold air, EVERYTHING works as new.

The bumper rub strips have no scrapes and are as new.

Extremely rare factory wire wheels.

The tires have less than 1,000 miles and were custom built for this car by Diamond Back Tires. They were made out of a new set of Michelins to look like the original Royal Seal Uniroyals that this car came with when new. Royal Seal tires were disscontinued years ago. These look and ride MUCH better than the predictable Vogue tires you see people put on the Broughams, plus the car maintains it's originality.

GM's highest paint process and quality control went into the Corvettes and the Cadillac division.

The body on this Cadillac is laser straight, and the original paint has an extremely glossy finish.

To see this Cad in person will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

The luminescent carriage lights both shine bright at night. So classy.

 So much intricate details were put into these Broughams that haven't been repeated in any Cadillac since. Would cost a fortune today.

Class at every angle.

 Curb presence.


Not a single door ding in this Brougham

This Brougham is hand waxed a couple of times a month.

You won't find rust ANYWHERE on this Cadillac. This Cadillac was garage kept in Oregon until early last year when I purchased it and transported it to Southern California. Oregon is a near perfect climate for preserving cars with it's mild temps, plenty of humidity so plastics and rubber on the car don't dry out and crack, plus for environmental reasons salt is never thrown on the roads in the winter.

Carmine Red leather interior. White with red leather has been a Cadillac tradition for many years

The dash is free of cracks

Ice cold AC!

The leather has been treated since new with Lexol leather conditioner.

 Clean rust free door jambs all the way around.

The d'Elegance seating has so much more support and comfort than your non-d'Elegance Broughams. This is the second 'must have' with a Brougham right after the rare 5.7 V8 option.


Fueled up and ready to hit the road!


All the original floor mats are in excellent shape.

Not shown in this photo are the overhead grab handles that is included with the d'Elegance package.

The leather in this car is amazing.

1990 was a year before the Broughams came with clear coat which is a good thing. You are able to color sand  scratches you might get without worring about burning though the clear coat. I find that you can really get a much deeper shine out of the paint.

Such a great view looking over a classic Cadillac hood

Wait till you see the underside..

No rust!

The 5.7 liter engine goes way deeper than just the motor. The transmission is the HD/Police version of the 700R4. The Differential is the large Corporate 8.5 instead of the puny 7.5 in the 5.0 cars, the suspension is heavy duty, the cooling system is also heavy duty.

Original spare and trunk mat

I recently rebuilt the original electric antenna so it should be good for another 20 something years. The aftermarket antennas for these are hideous with a black knob that sticks out of the fender an inch or two. If you have seen these you know what I am talking about..

The brightwork is very bright!

Again these custom built tires have less than a 1,000 miles and were built out of Michelins. I had the alignment done on the car at the same time.

Limo style back window

No cracks, this vinyl top is in perfect shape


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