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1976 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible

5K Original Mile Car

Joseph O'Connell

This beautiful 1976 Eldorado with only 5K original miles is owned by collector Joseph O'Connell. What a beautiful specimen! Last year for a 70's Eldorado convertible.



90-degree, overhead valve V-8. Cast iron block and head. Displacement 500 cu. in. (8.2 liters) Bore & stroke 4.300 x 4.304 in. Compression ratio 8.5:1 Brake horsepower 190 @ 3600 R.P.M. 215 @ 3600 R.P.M. Torque 360 lb.-ft. @ 2000 R.P.M. 400 lb.-ft. @ 2000 R.P.M. Main bearings Five Valve lifters Hydraulic valve lifters Fuel distribution 4 Bbl. Rochester M4ME Fuel Injection


Series Number-6E     Body/Style-L67    Body Type -2-door convertible    Seating-5    Factory  Price-$11,049    Shipping weight -5153  

 Production total-14,000


* This year(1976) brought no drastic changes, but some styling refinements.

* The "Cadillac" script signature was now on the hood (driver's side) rather than the grille itself.

* Though similar to the 1975 version, this year's crosshatch grille was dominated by vertical bars.

* The gille was peaked forward at the center.

* The grille reached a bit higher than the quad rectangular headlamps.

* New amber-lensed parking lamps rested down in the bumper; horizontal amber-lensed cornering lamps sat back on front fenders.

* Massive vertical extensions of the outboard bumper protrusions stood at front fender tips.

* Eldorado script was on rear fenders and decklid.

* Wide, simple new taillamps were continuous red slots within wide bezel frames, below the decklid and above the bumper.

* Backup lights were on each side of the license plate.

* Additional red lenses, facing both side and rear, sat in the massive vertical chrome fender extensions.

* Distinctively-shaped opera windows sloped down and forward at the base, following the dip in the quarter panel.

* Other styling highlights included dual accent stripes next to upper and lower crease lines of the hood's beveled edges.

* Upper stripes ended at the hood's rear edge; lower stripes extended all the way to rear edge of door.


This Eldorado is all original. It has had a new top, tires and a professional repaint in its original "firethorn red".














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